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BLET National Engineer’s Agreements

BLET - NS On Property Engineer’s Agreements

BLET - (former) Southern Railway Engineer’s Schedule Agreement

Trainmen’s Agreements

Miscellaneous Agreements & Awards

Locomotive Engineer Trainee’s Agreements

2015 BLET - NS Tentative Engineer’s Agreement

2015 BLET - NS Engineer’s Tentative Agreement (includes Appendix I & Appendix II, Side Letters, and Q&A)
2015 BLET - NS Tentative Agreement Synopsis & Letter from the General Chairmen

Compensation Comparisons: National vs BLET - NS 2015 NS Tentative Agreement
BLET President Pierce’s announcement regarding the 2015 BLET NS Tentative Agreement
Section 6 Notices presented to BLET from Norfolk Southern 2014/11/04
2014-12-13 Letter of understanding: Extension of bargaining period & opt out provisions
Side Letter #1 excerpted from 2008 BLET - NSR Engineer’s Agreement

Voting on the 2015 BLET - NS Tentative Engineer’s Agreement
ends at 3:00 P.M. EST  Thursday, January 29, 2015.

Members who are eligible and have not received a ratification packet by  January 7, 2015, should call the National Division at
(216) 241-2630,  extension 222. When connected with the extension, please leave the  following information:

  • your name, address and phone number;
  • the division to which you belong;
  • the date you were promoted to locomotive engineer;
  • your date of birth; and
  • the last four digits of your Social Security number.


Brotherhood of Locomotive
Engineers and Trainmen

General Committee of Adjustment
Norfolk Southern - Southern Lines

BLET Members

BLET 150th Anniversary Celebration

88th Annual Southeastern Meeting Association:
Atlanta, GA  June 14-19  2015

77th Annual Eastern Union Meeting Association:
Boston, Massachusetts  July 25-31 2015


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