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Legal Statement / Disclaimer / Terms of Use
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BLET General Committee of Adjustment Norfolk Southern - Southern Lines


Documents available on this website are a partial representation of those comprising the Agreements in effect between the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, General Committee of Adjustment - Norfolk Southern - Southern Lines and the Norfolk Southern Railway Company as governed by the Railway Labor Act. By viewing the materials presented, you agree to the terms of use for this website & the associated content & materials within. The information within this website is provided solely for the guidance and usage of Engineers and Trainmen represented by the BLET, GCA-NSSR. All rights, including those of copy or duplication, are reserved to this group.  Scanning and reproduction errors are unintentional.

These materials are not to be cited as the ultimate authority on any matter contained in or relating to the Agreements; that capacity is reserved to the National President of the BLET and / or the Norfolk Southern (former Southern Lines) General Chairman. Questions regarding interpretation or application of the Agreement should be produced in writing and forwarded to this office through your Local Chairman.

Please Note: This website is not affiliated with, sponsored, or supported by Norfolk Southern Corporation or any of its operating subsidiaries.

Electronic Communication Policy of the
BLET General Committee of Adjustment
Norfolk Southern - Southern Lines

Official communications between BLET members and the General Chairman require a hard copy of the correspondence, bearing a signature, being received by the General Chairman to be considered an “official communication.” This is to provide that the actual question(s) are addressed, and ensures that when official interpretations are made they have reference to a specific request and can be used in future correspondence. The volume of e-mails received makes it impossible for the General Chairman to answer all unofficial communications. Therefore, it is the policy of this General Committee that e-mails addressed to the


General Chairman will be reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate officer or staff for a timely response; however, an e-mail message is not considered an official communication. Moreover, anonymous e-mails and e-mails that do not provide sufficient information concerning the sender to enable the General Chairman / General Committee staff to confirm the sender’s membership status will not receive any reply or acknowledgment. This policy is intended to allow the General Chairman to be aware of the opinions and suggestions of the membership, while at the same time providing a timely response to the member’s unofficial communication, if a response is necessary, without needlessly expending limited BLET resources. Adopted at Asheville, NC May, 2012.

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